bypass surgery 意味

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  • バイパス術
    Do you get a heart bypass operation when you're 95?
    Experts question the appropriateness of performing 300,000 bypass operations each year in the United States.
    Over 90 percent of bypass surgery last year was done on men.


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  1. it does bypass surgery . what do you need it for ?
    高度な手術が出来る けど なぜ必要なの?
  2. turns out , his mother needed triple bypass surgery .
    彼の母親は バイパス手術が必要だった
  3. they did bypass surgery on heart beating .
    心拍動下バイパス術を 行ったって。
  4. she was recovering from bypass surgery .
    血圧が よくなっていたし
  5. had a heart bypass surgery .
    心臓のバイパス手術を 行っています。


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