cake 意味

発音記号: [ keik ]発音を聞く   cakeの例文
  • cake with:    ~で厚く被われる
  • a piece of cake:    a píece of cáke (1) ?1a .(2) ((略式))朝めし前のこと,お茶の子さいさい(のこと)《◆返答で用いる場合は時に無冠詞》.
  • ague cake:    脾腫{ひしゅ}


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  1. kids , we're going to have to eat this cake by ourselves .
  1. i will ask our chef to prepare his signature cake .
  1. that's why i purposefully stained your pants with cake
    だから わざとあなたのズボンに
  1. cracks the whip deadpan on cue it smells like real cake .
  1. but i will try my best to make a new cake . heart
    頑張って 新しいケーキ 作ります・」。


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