call a doctor 意味

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  • 医者を呼ぶ、医者を頼む
  • call in a doctor:    医者を呼ぶ、医者を頼む
  • doctor on call:    いつでもすぐ来てくれる医者、当直医{とうちょくい}、待機中の医者
  • to call for (a doctor):    to call for (a doctor)口を掛けるくちをかける


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  1. somebody get someone ! somebody call a doctor .
  2. i think you may need to call a doctor .
  3. i think we should call a doctor .
  4. we need to call a doctor for mom .
  5. even to call a doctor ... is not he ? do not settle for the eagle !
    医者 呼ぶにも...。 なぁ じい? ワシに ふるな!


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