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  1. the color of the calyx tube is red , and it ' s shaped like a pot .
  1. for example , to make misozuke of eggplants , pick eggplants in the beginning of fall and wash them with the calyx .
  1. there are three lineages - edohigan distributed in japan , and distributed in the korean peninsula since it had brought from japan , mushazakura distributed in taiwan , p .changyangensis ingram distributed in china - all with spherical swell at the lower part of the calyx .
    日本と日本から持ち込まれ朝鮮半島にかけて分布するエドヒガン、台湾に分布するムシャザクラ、中国に分布するP.changyangensis Ingramの三系統があり、いずれも萼(がく)の下部に球状のふくらみがある。
  1. it is said to have been designed after the calyx of a cherry blossom or to have been adopted as a pun based on two possible meanings for " tamayoke " (written as " 弾除け ," it means bulletproof " , but written as " 多魔除け ," it means " barrier against multiple evils " ); however , the word ' s origin and exact meaning are unknown .
  1. there are a variety of designs: jukiku (chrysanthemum with ten petals ) and junikiku (chrysanthemum with twelve petals ) classified according to its number of petals , urakiku which shows calyx at the center , kage-kiku with spaces in the outline , hishikiku , the square-shaped chrysanthemum , korin-kiku , the chrysanthemum designed by korin ogata , wari-giku or hangiku , the halved chrysanthemum , and kikusui which is hangiku with water flowing under the flower .


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