can still see 意味

  • (人?情景{じょうけい}などが)今でもまざまざと目に浮かぶ、まぶたに浮かぶ、脳裏{のうり}を離れない
    I can still see him in my mind's eye. 今でも彼の顔がはっきりと心に浮かぶ。


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  1. it's more than a hundred years old and you can still see
  2. i believe you can still see the dent in the princess .
    プリンセスに 凹みが残ってるよ
  3. it's okay , it's okay . i can still see them up ahead .
    大丈夫だ まだ 前にいる
  4. even though it is following you . i can still see it .
    君に引き継いだが まだ見えるんだ
  5. if you have good eyes , you can still see 'im .
    あんたらの目が よけりゃまだ見えるはずさ


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