canal for irrigation 意味

  • かんがい用の掘割り
  • canal irrigation:    かんがい水路{すいろ}
  • irrigation canal:    用水路{ようすいろ}
  • irrigation:    irrigation n. 灌漑(かんがい); 洗浄.【動詞+】The Murray River provides irrigation for more than two million acres of farmland.マレー川は 200 万エーカー以上の農地を灌漑している.【形容詞 名詞+】colonic irrigation浣腸(かんちょう)convert one's fields


  1. kitagaki planned , as a measure to promote industries in kyoto , the construction of lake biwa canal for irrigation , water supply , water transport and powering water wheels by building a canal between lake biwa and kyoto .


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