canal incline 意味

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  • canal incline
  • incline:    1incline n. 勾配; 坂, 斜面.【動詞+】We climbed the incline slowly but steadily.斜面をゆっくり着実に登ったdescend an incline坂を下る.【形容詞 名詞+】a gradual inclineゆるやかな斜面a long incline長い坂The road was a steady incline for several
  • to incline:    to incline傾ぐかしぐかたぐ傾げるかしげるかたげる傾けるかたむける片寄る偏るかたよる歪むいがむひずむゆがむ
  • gentle incline:    緩やかな勾配{こうばい}の坂


  1. but i immediately got winded , and was staring up at the canal incline .
    疎水のインクラインを ぼーっと見上げていた


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