capital-additive 意味

  • {形} : 資本付加的{しほん ふかてき}
  • capital additive:    {形} :
  • additive:    additive n. 付加物, 添加物.【動詞+】Packaged food often contains preservative and coloring additives.包装食品はしばしば保存料や着色料を含んでいるDoes this product have additives in it?この製品には添加物が入ってますかThey put in all sorts of addit
  • capital:    capital n.(1) 首都; 中心地.【動詞+】They established a new capital inland.内陸部に新首都を建設したfound a capital首都を建設するmove the capital to…首都を…へ移す.【形容詞 名詞+】Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa南アフリカの行政上の


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