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  1. As the most patriotic , capitalistic , geopolitical
  2. In 2003 , when i stepped out of the pure play capitalistic sector
  3. Democratic and capitalistic society .
  4. For this reason , the japanese economy shifted its focus from the steady accumulation of capital to the speculation , which ended up hindering japan from establishing itself as a modern capitalistic nation .
  5. Also , the capitalistic financial system was organized , including the foundation of the bank of japan in 1882 , formerly the national bank of japan under the national bank act , which dominates the right of issuing currency as the central bank .
    また国立銀行条例による国立銀行 (日本)(ナショナルバンク)を経て、通貨発行権を独占する中央銀行としての日本銀行設立(1882年)など、資本主義的金融制度の整備も行われた。
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