catapulted into fame 意味

  • 《be ~》一躍有名{いちやく ゆうめい}になる
  • catapulted into:    《be ~》急に~の状態にさせられる、急に~になる
  • fame:    fame n. 評判, 名声; 盛名, 有名.【動詞+】He achieved worldwide fame as an actor.俳優として世界的な名声を博したachieve instant fameたちまち名声を博するacquire fame名をあげるThe city acquired great fame.その都市は大いに有名となったThis new discovery adds fa
  • catapulted from one's seat:    《be ~》座席{ざせき}から放り出される


  1. sempuku ' became its leader product and was catapulted into fame by a commercial song ' gurasu wo nozoku furamingo ' with a phrase ' what about a cup of sempuku ,' written by hachiro sato , composed by taku izumi and sung by dark ducks (naomi sagara sang at the beginning ).


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