cattle prod 意味

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  • 牛追い棒
  • on the prod:    〈米話〉けんか腰になって、カッとして
  • prod:    1prod n. 突き棒; 突くこと, 刺激.【動詞+】I got a prod in the ribs from her for being late.遅刻して彼女にわき腹を突つかれたShe gave the cow a prod to make it walk faster.もっと早く歩かせるために牛を突ついたAround 100 people were injured by police
  • cattle:    cattle n. 牛.【動詞+】We bed the cattle on straw.牛をわらの上に寝かせるbrand cattle牛に(所有者の目じるしの)焼き印を押すbreed cattle for meat肉用に牛を繁殖させるdrive cattle to pasture牛を牧草地に追っていくfatten cattle for market市場に出すために牛を肥育するgraze cat


  1. like a cattle prod .
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