caught trying to 意味

  • 《be ~》~しようとするところを捕まる
  • trying:    trying adj. 堪えがたい, しのぎにくい.【副詞】She is an extremely trying woman.まったく堪えがたい女だTraveling by train is rather trying in this hot weather.この暑い陽気では列車の旅はいささかつらい.【+前置詞】The experience has been most trying for u
  • be caught by:    be cáught by O (1) ?|他|9b .(2) ?=be caught in (catch【動】成句).
  • be caught in:    be [gèt]cáught in O 〈雨など〉にあう be caught in a recession 不景気になる/ be caught in a storm あらしにあう.


  1. what would she do if i got caught trying to leave ?
    逃げようとして捕まったら どんな目に遭うか
  2. we were just caught trying to escape .
  3. next thing i know , julius is caught trying to escape , claims the flash broke him out .
    そして脱走未遂で 捕まったジュリアスはー フラッシュの仕業だと 主張してる
  4. you get caught trying to pass off my diamonds how soon before they connect you to my murder ?
    売ろうとすれば 即逮捕 私の殺人と 君との関連が知れるより どれだけ早いかな


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