caught unawares 意味

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  • 不意打ちを食う
  • at unawares:    突然{とつぜん}
  • unawares:    unawares何時の間にかいつの間にかいつのまにか何時の間にやらいつのまにやら何時しかいつしか知らず知らずしらずしらず
  • take unawares:    tàke [càtch] O ùnawáres 〈人〉を驚かす;〈人〉の不意を襲う.


  1. and i'm caught unawares
    私が気がつかずに 捕まえられるように
  2. since the start of the edo shogunate , the government had not considered it possible that such an attack would occur on the palanquin of a daimyo (a japanese feudal lord ), so the hikone clan was caught unawares .


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