caught unprepared 意味

  • 《be ~》不意{ふい}を突かれる
  • unprepared:    unprepared adj. 準備のない, 用意のない.【副詞】Despite repeated assurances of the government, the country remains utterly unprepared for the economic reforms.政府が繰り返し確約をしたにもかかわらず, その国は経済改革への態勢がまったくできていない.【+前置詞】We
  • unprepared for:    《be ~》~に対する準備{じゅんび}ができていない、~に対して無防備{むぼうび}の状態{じょうたい}である
  • unprepared for the earthquake:    《be ~》地震に対して不用意である


  1. how embarrassing ... i was caught unprepared .
  2. ryoma was caught unprepared , receiving a sudden sward attack from an assassin then at the subsequent second attack he twisted his body and reached his hand to his sword , and received the third sword attack on the sheath of his swore , all these actions being done in defensive posture .


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