cell 意味

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  • a cell:    A cellA細胞[医生]
  • a-cell:    A-cellA細胞[医生]
  • t cell:    T cellT細胞[医生]; T細胞[化学]〈92K3610:生体工学用語(生体化学部門)〉; Tリンパ球[医生]


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  1. didn't they find the victim's cell phone nearby ?
    そばに ガイ者の携帯が 落ちてたんだろ?
  2. i have never once had to use a cell phone there .
    携帯電話は一度たりとも 使いませんでした
  3. that's why we told her not to use her cell .
    だから彼女に携帯電話を 使わないように言ったんだな
  4. from a central location , or even a cell phone .
  5. and we're using old cell phones that are being sent to us


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