central function 意味

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  • central function
  • central management function:    中枢管理機能
  • central:    central adj. 中心の; 主要な.【副詞】The steel industry is of absolutely central importance to the economy.鉄鋼産業は経済にとって欠くべからざる中心的な重要性をもっているYou must realize how central to our peace of mind this matter is.この件が私た
  • central to:    ~の中心[要?骨格{こっかく}]となる、中核{ちゅうかく}を成す


  1. on the assumption that the description of the " nihonshoki " (chronicles of japan ) is correct , and based upon common sense , miyakonojo which served as the central function , was constructed and developed enough for materials to be applied before 664 when many materials were put to construct affiliated facilities including mizu-shiro (castles on lakes or marshes for defensive purposes ) for defense .


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