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  • 目抜き通り{めぬきどおり}


  1. they'll be passing through the town's central street today .
  2. i need a police officer , 119 east central street , 3rd floor .
    警察を呼んでくれ 119 イーストセントラルの3階だ
  3. shirakawa daruma market is held along the central street in front of jr shirakawa station as the main venue .
  4. when the center of the city was moved to the east , suzaku-oji street ceased to play a role as central street .
  5. for the time of eighth century that corresponds to the second period of the government , there are remains that are considered to be related to jobo mainly around the vertical central street (equivalent to suzaku-oji street ) that runs from the central government to the south .


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