central structure 意味

  • 中心構造{ちゅうしん こうぞう}
  • central:    central adj. 中心の; 主要な.【副詞】The steel industry is of absolutely central importance to the economy.鉄鋼産業は経済にとって欠くべからざる中心的な重要性をもっているYou must realize how central to our peace of mind this matter is.この件が私た
  • central to:    ~の中心[要?骨格{こっかく}]となる、中核{ちゅうかく}を成す
  • structure:    1structure n. 建築物; 構造, 構成; 組織; 体制, 機構; 造り, 枠組, 形.【動詞+】build a structure建物を造るThe structure is built up of cells.その組織は細胞より成っているchange the basic structures of……の基本的な構造を変えるThe acid destroys the structur


  1. this size is one that is convenient for revealing the central structure through polishing .
  2. tenporin-do hall (important cultural property ) - the central structure of saito , it is also called shaka-do hall .
    転法輪堂(重文) - 西塔の中心堂宇で、釈迦堂ともいう。
  3. the site of the temple measures 212 m from east to west and 106 m from north to south , and in the middle of the complex the central structure of 53 ㎡ was located .
  4. as a result of study to date , the remains of the temple ' s central structure , its complex and other buildings such as a warehouse were found , but the kodo hall (lecture hall ) has not been identified .
  5. when water has penetrated from the outside of a rice grain into the central structure of sakamai (rice for brewing sake ) where starch content is high (according to the language of toji and other workers in brewery " mentama " (literally , " eyeball " ), the rice grain become literally transparent .


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