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  1. switching all allied cataphract targeting to centralized control .
    全連合カタフラクト 照準を集中コントロール
  2. domestically , its aims were simply consolidation of centralized control and creation of a little ' chinese-style empire ' by eastern barbarians .
  3. however , the unification of the nation by nobunaga oda and hideyoshi toyotomi brought the nation under centralized control , making activities by sengoku period daimyo less independent .
  4. compared with shugo daimyo (japanese territorial lord as provincial constable ) in the muromachi period , daimyo in the sengoku period centralized control of territories , which were not under the influence of the central government .
  5. in the first place , tanba , tajima and tango were divided up into two prefectures by people like toshimichi okubo in the meiji government who wanted to strengthen centralized control , ignoring their regional similarities .


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