certain data also suggest that 意味

  • (that 以下)という報告{ほうこく}[データ]もある
  • also:    also矢っ張り矢張りやっぱりやはり亦まただってにも
  • suggest:    suggest v. 提案する, 示唆する; 暗示する, ほのめかす.【副詞1】The politician callously suggested that the unemployed were simply lazy.その政治家は失業者は単に怠け者だと平然と言ってのけたThis is a thought that has frequently suggested itself to us
  • to suggest:    to suggest申し出るもうしでる申し入れるもうしいれる促すうながす仄めかすほのめかす匂わすにおわす言い出すいいだす


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