certain day 意味



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  1. on a certain day after some days .
    何日かした ある日
  2. on a certain day he was involved in an accident after he went home from club activities .
    ある日 あいつ 部活帰りに事故ってさ
  3. also , there are some regions which don ' t carry out sagicho but hold the events that burn ofuda (paper charm ) on the certain day (such as december 29 ).
  4. when emperor hanazono came to know that myocho was in the group of beggars , he instructed a government officer to post a notice stating that oriental melons would be given to beggars free of charge on a certain day .
  5. as he disliked a special memorial service for himself , he hoped his memorial service would be conducted on a certain day during the 8-day memorial service conducted on the anniversary of dogen ' s death and his hope was realized .


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