chain of events 意味

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  • {著作} : 一連{いちれん}の出来事{できごと}◆ジョアン?パイパー作


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  1. 30 years ago , a chain of events was set in motion .
    30年前に 感染の連鎖が発動した
  2. i cultivated ... a long chain of events leading to this .
    耕作し これに通じる 一連の長い出来事
  3. we can say that , you know , we have this chain of events .
  4. of this enormous chain of events .
  5. you know the chain of events that pushed him to this point to betray you .
    お前を欺く事になった 一連の出来事を知ってる筈だ


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