changeable as a weathercock 意味

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  • as changeable as a weathercock:    風見鶏{かざみどり}のようにクルクル向きが変わる、気分{きぶん}がコロコロ変わる、移り気の
  • weathercock:    weathercock n. 風見鶏(かざみどり), 風見.【+動詞】The weathercock indicated that the wind was coming from the southeast.風見が南西の風だと示していたThe weathercock is pointing east.風見鶏が東をさしているThe weathercock turns with the wind
  • changeable:    changeable adj. 変わりやすい, 気まぐれな.【+前置詞】I hope she will become less changeable in her attitudes.彼女の態度がもう少しくるくる変わらなくなればよいのに.


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