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  • changeable adj. 変わりやすい, 気まぐれな.
    • I hope she will become less changeable in her attitudes.


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  1. yes yes , it is a famous changeable art !
    はい 今のが有名な 変わり身の術ですね~
  2. oo fortune is unpredictable and changeable .
    おお~! 人生万事 塞翁が馬。
  3. is how changeable attitudes actually are .
    人々の態度の 変わりやすさです
  4. pachinko's luck is as changeable as the autumn sky is more like it .
    パチンコ台の機嫌と秋の空 の間違いだろ。
  5. sorry , boys . i'm so changeable !
    私は気が 変わりやすいんだ


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