charcoal stove 意味

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  • 木炭{もくたん}ストーブ、七輪{しちりん}
  • clay charcoal stove:    七輪{しちりん}
  • stove:    stove n. ストーブ; (料理用)コンロ, レンジ.【動詞+】feed a stove with coalストーブに石炭をくべるheat a stoveストーブをたくignite a stoveストーブに点火するKeep the stove on.ストーブを燃やしつづけなさいDon't leave the stove on.ストーブを燃やしたままにしておいてはいけないlight a st
  • stove in:    〈俗〉粉々{こなごな}に砕く


  1. round-shaped takoyaki-ki of the old type is large enough to accommodate a charcoal stove because it is heated by the stove .
  2. japanese-style kamado increased in variation with the advancement of society , and they had been used widely for a long time before the portable cooking charcoal stove developed .


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