charge ahead 意味

  • 突撃{とつげき}する
  • ahead:    ahead adv. まっ先に; 前方に; まっしぐらに.【副詞】I am a little ahead of you at French.フランス語ではあなたより少し進んでいるThere's an iceberg dead ahead.すぐ前に氷山があるTheir car was directly ahead of mine.彼らの車は私の車のすぐ前方を走っていたHe is far ahea
  • ahead of:    ~より先[前]に、~の前方{ぜんぽう}に、~より早く、~より進んで、~より進歩{しんぽ}して、~より足先{あしさき}に、~に先んじてWe were more than three days ahead of schedule. われわれは3日以上も予定より進んでいた。
  • on ahead:    先に、前もって、事前に


  1. in august 1863 , the tenchugumi (heavenly avenging force ,) a group of masterless samurai (roshi ) who revered the emperor like torataro yoshimura , keido matsumoto , and tesseki fujimoto , raised an army in order to charge ahead of emperor komei ' s imperial trip to the yamato province and , led by ex-chamberlain tadamitsu nakayama , they went to yamato province and attacked the magistrate ' s office in gojo city on august 17 .


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