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  1. have been charting death . it's strange
    死を解析してきました 奇妙なことに
  2. charting the future essentially .
  3. anyway , when charting my exact reappearances , as using witness accounts and the occasional police report , and comparing them with my likely times of deaths ...
    目撃者や警察の報告を 詳細に集めて 死亡推定時刻と比較してみた
  4. these other agencies , what timelines they're looking at , what deadlines , and is there a purposeful lack of communication between competing agencies who are right now charting future mistakes as we fucking speak ?
    他の機関が、どう計画し どう解決するか... あんたらみたいな奴らは 俺達の協力を得られなければ... いつか必ず失敗する


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