checkered life 意味

  • 数奇を極めた一生{いっしょう}、波瀾万丈{はらん ばんじょう}の人生{じんせい}
  • lead a checkered life:    数奇な運命をたどる
  • checkered:    checkered数奇すうき
  • checkered career:    数奇な生涯、波乱に富んだ生涯、波瀾万丈の経歴、変化の多い人生Many of well-known novelists has checkered career. 有名な小説家には変化に富んだ人生を送った人が多い。


  1. he carried out the spirits of loyalty and a strong sense of justice throughout his checkered life filled with extreme poverty .
  2. his checkered life (he was born as an illegitimate child in an imperial prince ' s family , he spent his childhood as a priest in edo far away from kyoto , he became the leader of ' an enemy of the emperor ' and moved from place to place in oshu for a while , then he became a military man in the army and he was considered a hero of suppression of taiwan , finally he died an unfortunate death in a foreign country ) was compared to yamato takeru .


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