checkered pattern 意味

発音を聞く:   checkered patternの例文
  • 市松模様{いちまつ もよう}
  • check (checkered, chequered) pattern:    check (checkered, chequered) pattern市松模様いちまつもよう
  • checkered:    checkered数奇すうき
  • checkered career:    数奇な生涯、波乱に富んだ生涯、波瀾万丈の経歴、変化の多い人生Many of well-known novelists has checkered career. 有名な小説家には変化に富んだ人生を送った人が多い。


  1. there are three widely held explanations regarding the origin of the name of ichimatsu ningyo; the name came from ichimatsu sanogawa , a kabuki actor in the mid- edo period , who resembles the doll in its face , the name carries the connotation of the doll for kids whose prevailing name at that time was ' ichimatsu ,' and it was named so because it was sold with a checkered pattern costume .


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