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  1. Checking accounts , some old w4's an address in harlem .
  2. Savings account closed . checking account closed .
    銀行解約 小切手解約
  3. When i saw that , i got worried , so i checked accounts receivable on other customers .
    心配になって ほかのデータも調べたら―
  4. Ii test video games for hayes . you and hayes had a joint checking account ?
    ヘイズのゲームの テストプレイヤーです あなたとヘイズは 共同口座を持ってる?
  5. I heard on the news when they arrested shaw that he only had $600 in his checking account .
    でも ニュースでは 彼の口座残高は 600ドルだけだったって
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