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  • 財務統括役員{ざいむ とうかつ やくいん}、最高会計責任者{さいこう かいけい せきにんしゃ}◆【略】CAO


  1. upon his return , he rendered his services in handling the work left over from the minister of the navy ' s official travel abroad , went to france , also assumed the position of chief accounting officer of the cruiser itsukushima however his military career ended when he was discharged from his duties in september .
    帰国後は、海相外遊中の残務の取り扱いなどを代行、フランスへの派遣、また「厳島 (巡洋艦)」主計長の兼任など尽力したが、9月、その任を解かれ武官時代に終わりを告げることとなった。


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