chief of staff 意味

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  • chief of staff
  • army chief of staff:    陸軍参謀本部{りくぐん さんぼう ほんぶ}、陸軍参謀長{りくぐん さんぼうちょう}
  • assistant chief of staff:    《米軍》参謀長{さんぼうちょう}、部長{ぶちょう}◆【略】ACS
  • assistant chief of staff, g1:    assistant chief of staff, g1第一部長だいいちぶちょう


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  1. of olivia taylor , acting white house chief of staff
    首席補佐官 オリヴィア・テイラーの
  2. there's a poker game with the chief of staff there .
    ポーカーゲーム 其処の参謀長がいる
  3. senator mayer's chief of staff where is he ?
  4. he was as the 34th chief of staff of the u .s . army .
  5. the president asks , his chief of staff delivers .
    大統領命令で 政府の面々が動く
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