chief operating officer 意味

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  • 最高(業務)執行責任者、社長◆【略】COO
    He will become president and chief operating officer of the new company.


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  1. i mean , you're a chief operating officer
  1. acts as its chief operating officer
  1. they were incorporated under the direction of the chief operating officer .
    最高執行責任者の指示で 作られたものだ
  1. did you just say the previous chief operating officer of canonebersole also died ?
    キャノン・イベソルの前の 最高執行責任者も 死んだんですか?
  1. that air of command that you have about you . ah . well , i'm jason kern , chief operating officer .
    いかにも司令官って感じだよ 俺は ジェイソン・カーン 現場主任だ


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