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  • {他動} : キリスト教化{きょうか}する、キリスト教徒{きょうと}にする


  1. the reason of the killing is said to have been complete fabrication that ' yokoi is driving japan to open to the world and christianize the country ' .
  2. ito immediately explained that the appointment of mori was not to christianize japan , but it took the emperor two months to accept his words and return to duty , which obstructed state services .
  3. concretely the following is described , that is , it is not appropriate to christianize japan , the land of the shinto gods , it is forbidden to form a group of christians and believersm , to destroy shrines and temples , and the missionaries should leave japan within twenty days , and at the same time this edict does not prevent trade with spain and portugal and there are no restrictions on foreign merchants who have not come to spread christianity in japan .


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