cigarette drain 意味

  • 巻きたばこ式ドレーン
  • cigarette:    cigarette n. 巻きたばこ.【動詞+】cadge a cigaretteたばこを(人に)せびるShe crushed out her cigarette.たばこをもみ消したenjoy a cigarette and a cup of coffeeたばこを吸いコーヒーを飲むIn the event of a sudden fall in pressure, you are reques
  • drain:    1drain n. 排水; 下水管, 溝; (財貨 人材などの)国外流出, 乱費, 枯渇.【動詞+】block (up) the drain下水管を詰まらせるclean (out) a drain排水管の掃除をするclear a drain排水管の詰まりを取り除くThe drain is clogged (up) with garbage.排水管は生ごみで詰まっているThe drains ha
  • drain into:    ~に流れ出る


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