clay doll 意味

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  • 土偶{どぐう}
  • doll:    1doll n. 人形; 《口語》 美しいが愚かな女, かわいい女の子.【動詞+】My hobby is to collect dolls.趣味は人形集めですdisplay one's dolls in one's room人形を部屋に飾るdress a doll人形に服を着せるname a doll人形に名前をつけるplay dolls人形遊びをする.【形容詞 名詞+】a baby doll
  • clay:    clay n. 粘土, 土; 資質.【動詞+】bake clay粘土を焼くfire clay粘土を焼くmodel clay into sth粘土であるものを形づくるmold clay粘土を型に入れるShe shaped the clay with her bands on a wheel.ろくろを回して両手で粘土を造形したHe shaped the clay into a bowl.その粘土を
  • as limp as a doll:    くたくたに疲れて


  1. the box held a clay doll in the shape of tenjin (the god of the heavens ), along with gohei (long strips of paper used for shinto ceremonies ) and an azusayumi (bow used for shinto ceremonies ).


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