closed on mondays 意味

  • 《be ~》(店舗{てんぽ}や施設{しせつ}などが)(毎週{まいしゅう})月曜日{げつようび}は休みである
  • mondays:    {副} : 月曜日{げつようび}ごとに、毎(週)月曜日{まい(しゅう)げつようび}に
  • alternate mondays:    隔週{かくしゅう}の月曜日(に)
  • mondays and fridays:    Mondays and Fridays月金げつきん


  1. biwako bunkakan has been closed since march 31 , 2008 (in fact since march 30 because it was normally closed on mondays ) and it is not possible for the public to enter .


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