closing ceremony 意味

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  • closing ceremony
  • a closing ceremony:    a closing ceremony終業式しゅうぎょうしき
  • disperse on arrival at one's destination without holding a closing ceremony:    流れ解散する
  • closing:    closing n. 閉じること; 閉鎖, 閉店, 終了; 〔会計〕 決算.【形容詞 名詞+】early closing day(店の)早じまいの日plant closings by auto manufacturers自動車メーカーによる工場閉鎖Sunday closing still exists in Britain.イギリスでは今も日曜休業が行なわれている.【前置詞+】after th


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  1. i look forward to the end of the closing ceremony .
    終業式の夜を 楽しみにしてるんだな
  2. why do you have watermelons at the closing ceremony ?
  3. we had our second semester closing ceremony
  4. you can look forward to seeing me on the night of the term's closing ceremony .
    終業式の夜を 楽しみにしてるんだな
  5. it was performed in the closing ceremony of nagano olympics (xviii olympic winter games held in nagano city ).


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