coincidence 意味

発音記号: [ kəu'insidəns ]発音を聞く   coincidenceの例文
  • by coincidence:    偶然{ぐうぜん}にI saw Mrs. Murphy by coincidence at the supermarket today. 今日マーフィー夫人を偶然スーパーマーケットで見掛けた。It was only by coincidence that I happened to be there. 私がそこに居合わせたのは、全くの偶然だった。
  • accidental coincidence:    偶然{ぐうぜん}の一致{いっち}、偶然{ぐうぜん}の合致{がっち}、偶然{ぐうぜん}の同時{どうじ}
  • amazing coincidence:    奇遇{きぐう}


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  1. no , i'm sure it was just a big fuckin' coincidence .
    予期せず 同時に起ったんだろう
  2. but bils a big believer in coincidence , apparently .
  3. you have to admit , the coincidence is striking .
  4. but by amazing coincidence , it's my birthday too .
    すっごい偶然。 私も今日 誕生日。
  5. and i would like to suggest that it's not a coincidence


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