comedy duo 意味

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  • お笑いコンビ
  • half of the comedy duo:    お笑いコンビの一人{ひとり}
  • duo:    duo n. (芸人の) 2 人組; (仲のよい) 2 人.【動詞+】form a duo 2人組を結成するTom and Jim make a good duo.トムとジムは仲のよい 2 人組だ.【形容詞 名詞+】a comedy duo喜劇の 2 人組a dancing duo踊りの 2 人組They will make a funny duo.あの 2 人はおかしな 2 人組になるa s
  • comedy:    comedy n. 喜劇, コメディー; 喜劇的なこと.【動詞+】direct a Hollywood comedyハリウッドの喜劇映画を演出するdo a comedy喜劇を演じる.【+動詞】The comedy satirized politicians.その喜劇は政治家を風刺していた.【形容詞 名詞+】a bedroom comedy寝室コメディー(a) black comedyブラックユ


  1. manzai or comic dialogue is a type of entertainment or talk show performed mainly by a comedy duo , which has been uniquely developed in japan ' s kinki region based upon the traditional form of manzai observed on new year ' s day .
  2. although he is not often made the subject of dramatic depictions and the like , due to its humble status , he did appear in the nhk historical drama " shinsengumi !" (his role was played by taro yabe , of comedy duo karateka ).
    地味な隊士でありドラマ等ではあまり登場しないが、日本放送協会の大河ドラマ・『新選組!』に登場(演じたのはお笑いコンビ・カラテカ (お笑いコンビ)の矢部太郎)。
  3. for example , satoshi inoue , half of the comedy duo jicho-kacho , answered ' ono no imoko ' when asked ' who is a japanese woman chosen as being among the world ' s three most beautiful women ?' (the correct answer was ' ono no komachi ).


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