coming year 意味

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  • 来年{らいねん}、新しい年
  • for the coming year:    来年度の予算を立てる
  • in the coming year:    {1} : 来年{らいねん}には--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{2} : 《in the coming years》今後{こんご}は、今後数年間{こんご すうねん かん}の
  • the coming year:    the coming year来る年くるとし


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  1. in malawi and south africa this coming year .
    来年 更に実験を重ねる予定です
  2. so i have to come charge up for the coming year .
  3. another 100 million light bulbs in the coming year . but it's not easy .
  4. it is interesting to forecast the price of sake to be marketed in the coming year , remembering the climate of each year .
  5. most of them are performed as religious ceremonies that include fortune-telling for the coming year , rather than a just being a mere game .


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