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  1. The south side of medake commands a panoramic view of mt . yamato katsuragi and mt . kongo (kongo mountainous district ).
    雌岳の南方からは、大和葛城山?金剛山 (金剛山地)の山並みを一望することができる。
  2. Additionally to the historical evidence , folktales related to this pass are many because the pass commands a panoramic view of kyoto and osaka .
  3. Tamonyama-jo castle which commands a panoramic view of the town was built by hisahide matsunaga in the middle of the16th century , and has the four-layered tenshu (main keep or tower of a castle ) which became a model for modern castles .
  4. He became so powerful by iron manufacturing and exploiting nearby fields and mountains , that he constructed yogaisan mizawa-jo (mizawa castle on mt . yogaisan ) on mt . kamokura , later renamed to mt . yogaisan , in 1305 , a place of strategic point which commanded a panoramic view of nita county and also the shimane peninsula .
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