commercial protection 意味

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  • 商業保護{しょうぎょう ほご}
  • a commercial:    a commercialコマーシャル
  • commercial:    1commercial n. 広告放送, コマーシャル.【動詞+】The commercial will be aired beginning next week.このコマーシャルは来週からテレビで流されるbroadcast a commercialコマーシャルを放送するThat commercial is being carried on all the channels.そのコマーシャルは
  • commercial at:    単価記号{たんか きごう}


  1. in domestic policies especially , yoshimoto displayed his uncommon abilities , starting with the enactment of the articles (kana mokuroku tsuika ) to expand on the ' imagawa kana mokuroku ' (the imagawa clan ' s basic house rules to control the territory ) in 1552 , carrying out excellent administrative reforms such as commercial protection and distribution control within his territory , and consolidation of vassals by introducing the system of yorioya-yoriko (later , when ieyasu tokugawa established the feudal government , he applied these policies to the system of the edo bakufu .)


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