commercial purpose 意味

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  • 商業目的{しょうぎょう もくてき}
  • commercial in purpose:    《be ~》商業{しょうぎょう}目的{もくてき}である
  • for that purpose:    そのために
  • for the purpose of:    ~の目的{もくてき}で、~のためにShe traveled to Hong Kong for the purpose of shopping. 彼女は買い物目的で香港へ行った。For the purpose of this agreement, the following terms shall have the meaning as defined below 《契約書》本契約書において次の


  1. for anyone to use for any commercial purpose .
  2. the story is frequently played for other than commercial purpose , making it one of the major japanese classical dance stories .
  3. it was used for commercial purpose or sankin kotai (daimyo ' s alternate-year residence in edo ) of the lord of tanabe domain of tango province from edo period .
  4. in addition , by setting up or soliciting some stores in the station yard (commonly known as ' ekinaka ' - a space for commercial purpose set up in a station yard ), railway companies try to boost users ' convenience and raise their own revenue at the same time .


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