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  • company commander
  • commander:    commander n. 指揮者, 司令官.【動詞+】Soldiers are to obey their commander without question.兵は指揮官の命令に無条件に服従すべきものである.【形容詞 名詞+】The battalion commander ordered a retreat.大隊長は撤退を命じたa capable commander有能な指揮官a corps
  • aircraft commander:    機長{きちょう}
  • area commander:    地域指揮官{ちいき しきかん}


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  1. but then a couple of years later , when i was a company commander
    それから数年後 私が中隊指揮官だった時には
  2. in my second month , i ... i had a difference of opinion with the company commander .
    2ヶ月目の時 中隊長と意見が合わなかったの
  3. (assistant company commander of the first infantry regiment ): teibi ando , first lieutenant
  4. a company commander and army infantry captain bunkichi kannari led the troops .
  5. since then , he consistently proceeded the career as a military man , and held the post of military officer to togu (the crown prince ) at as well as the posts of company commander of the 36th infantry regiment and the president of nagoya army cadet school .


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