compass heading 意味

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  • compass heading
  • corrected compass heading:    corrected compass heading修正羅針向首方向[航宇]
  • heading:    heading n. (ページ 章などの)表題, 題目, 見出し; 〔図書館〕 (目録記入の)標目, 見出し語; (航空機の)針路.【動詞+】The aircraft took a northwesterly heading.その飛行機は北西に針路を取った.【+動詞】The heading reads: ….見出しには…と書いてあるThe heading tells you what the
  • compass:    compass n.(1) 限界, 範囲.【動詞+】establish the compass of a research project研究計画の範囲を定めるThe compass of my responsibility has been narrowed .私の責任の及ぶ範囲が狭くなった.【形容詞 名詞+】We must keep the investigation within a m


  1. that indicate your depth and compass heading .
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