compass meridian 意味

  • compass meridian
  • meridian:    meridian n. 〔地理〕 子午線, 経線; 《文語》 頂点, 絶頂, 盛り.【動詞+】as the star approaches its meridian(その)星が子午線に近づくとHis power has passed the meridian.《文語》 彼の勢力は絶頂期を過ぎたHe seemed to have passed his meridian.彼は絶頂期を過ぎたようにみ
  • the meridian:    the meridian子午線しごせん
  • compass:    compass n.(1) 限界, 範囲.【動詞+】establish the compass of a research project研究計画の範囲を定めるThe compass of my responsibility has been narrowed .私の責任の及ぶ範囲が狭くなった.【形容詞 名詞+】We must keep the investigation within a m


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