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  • ~の順守{じゅんしゅ}
  • compliance:    compliance n. 服従, 承諾.【動詞+】bribe sb's compliance買収して人に承諾させるdemand (sb's) compliance(人の)服従を要求するenforce (sb's) compliance(人の)服従を強いるenforce compliance with the law法に従うことを強いるStiff penalties are necessary
  • in compliance with:    ~に従って、~に応じて◆人の命令?忠告?要望などに
  • absolute compliance:    absolute compliance絶対コンプライアンス[化学]〈99確K6900:プラスチック―用語〉


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  1. to come into compliance with code , he said , fine
    条例に従って こう言いました “よしー
  2. full help wellness is in total compliance with dc laws .
    フルヘルプウェルネスは 法律を順守してますよ
  3. of fostering compliance with social norms
  4. in compliance with his will , his documents and resources were burned .
  5. october 1 , 1907: kansei railway company nationalized in compliance with railway nationalization act .
    1907年(明治40年)10月1日 - 関西鉄道が鉄道国有法。


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