control traffic 意味

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  • 《control (the) traffic》交通整理{こうつう せいり}をする


  1. they use video feeds from intersections and algorithms to predict traffic conditions and control traffic lights .
    各 交差点に監視カメラがあって ―― その情報を元に制御システムを使って ―― 交通を監視しつつ ――
  2. from three p .m . to two a .m ., regular vehicles (including bicycles ) are forbidden to go into the street between the kibune entrance and kurama spring/momoiwakare in order to control traffic .
  3. during the war , in order to control traffic , in 1943 , keihan electric railway and hanshin electric express railway merged into keihanshin express railway (currently hankyu corporation ) and the shinkeihan line was put under this company ' s management .


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