correct a misunderstanding 意味

  • 誤解{ごかい}を正す
  • by a misunderstanding:    誤解によって
  • misunderstanding:    misunderstanding n. 誤解, 誤認.【動詞+】avert (a) misunderstanding《文語》 誤解を避けるto avoid (a) misunderstanding誤解を避けるためにIt is this climate of secrecy which breeds suspicion and misunderstanding.疑惑と誤解を生むのはこういう秘密主
  • correct:    1correct v. 訂正する; 懲らす; 修正する.【副詞1】gently correct someone's pronunciation穏やかに人の発音を直すglasses that only partially correct sb's vision視力を少ししか矯正しないめがねHe quickly corrected himself.すぐに言い直した.【+前置詞】correct a


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